The E.Y.E. unit (i.e. Eyeport Vision Training System)

This week my doc let me borrow a high-tech gadget for vision training called the E.Y.E unit, or Eyeport Vision Trainng System.  It was produced by The Sharper Image a few years ago and is the same item that Dr. Jacob Liberman* sells on his website for $239.95. It is patented and available through various other distributors as well, including Bernell**, who sells VT products to developmental optometrists.

(Update: As of Feb. 2020, *Dr. Liberman’s website seems to no longer be active.**Bernell has it listed here for $299.95 on their website:  They have a sample training schedule available here: This is not the complete manual which is included with purchase of the unit.)

The manual was missing so I went online and found it on Dr. Liberman’s website. There is a plan for 12 weeks of exercises, which take less than ten minutes a day. I’m thinking that could be part of my regular regimen. A study done by the Pacific University College of Optometry was reported in the Journal of the American Optometric Association where it was found to effect small improvement in college students with normal vision. (  That was October 2006 and they indicated that studies were underway to determine its effectiveness in “symptomatic populations.” That would be me. I found another report that same year in the Journal for Behavioral Optometry that indicated improvement in function for police recruits. (

I found no follow-up studies specific to my situation, but it’s also available through the Optometric Extension Program Foundation *( I figure that if it were going to be discredited, there has been ample time for that. (*Update: I’m no longer finding it on their website)

The website gives this clear definition of the way it works:Image

It’s Really Simple
How the Eyeport Vision Training System works is really quite simple. Your eyes’ focusing muscles flex and relax when they follow the EYEPORT’s programmed series of alternating red and blue lights. Because the lights turn on in different directions, patterns and speeds, your eyes exercise through their full range of motion—horizontally, vertically, diagonally, near, and far. And you don’t even work up a sweat.

Since you often focus at close range while reading or working at a computer, your focusing system becomes stiff and cramped causing computer eye strain. Limbering up your eyes as part of a daily routine will retrain them to work the way they’re supposed to…and you’ll be well on your way to improving your visual performance. All you have to do is commit to a daily 10-minute workout to see results.

And It’s Patented
What makes the EYEPORT unique is its patented use of alternating red and blue lights. This makes it possible to achieve dramatic results, faster and more efficiently than with any other vision exercise product available today.

“Using the EYEPORT is like opening up a new world. My eyes feel stronger, more active and more alert. There’s more to see and interact with. It makes me a more efficient athlete and has made me more comfortable and relaxed in a broad range of activities. I was amazed at the way it changed my life.”Rick Chetnever, Kula, HI

Basically, your eyes react differently to red and blue lights due to a scientific phenomenon called chromatic aberration. The focusing system contracts when it sees red and relaxes looking at blue. By combining eye exercises with specific colored lights, the EYEPORT strengthens your vision skills in a revolutionary new way never previously done. And it’s easy.

I admit it is pretty easy and quick. I did a little more today than the prescribed amount, testing out the various program settings. Now that I have the training schedule, I’ll be more focused in my efforts! Stay tuned for the update!

12 thoughts on “The E.Y.E. unit (i.e. Eyeport Vision Training System)”

  1. The Eyeport is a great device to keep your eyes sharp. I have worn glasses for over 35 year and still do not need bifocals.
    So today I wanted to set up the device and run through a few visual exercises BUT, even though I put in fresh batteries, it would not turn on. ANY HELP, ANYONE?

    1. I changed the batteries in the one I borrowed from my doctor and it worked, so I don’t know what the problem would be with your device. Maybe you could double check the batteries and/or the cover clicking back on securely.

      1. Although your posts are 4+ years old, I’m still asking: my unit’s DVD isn’t working. I would gladly pay anyone to duplicate theirs and send it to me.

      2. I don’t recall having a DVD with the unit I borrowed from my doctor. I have returned it to him since I am no longer in vision therapy. I still have the manual I found free online if that would be helpful to you.

  2. Hello! I know this is an old discussion, but please let me know if you still have the manual to describe how to do the eye exercises! We just got the Sharper Image EYE System, but we don’t have the detailed instructions. Let me know, thanks! 🙂 Krista

    1. Krista, I found the manual online on Dr. Lieberman’s website. I still have it on my computer and would be happy to email it to you. You can message me on Facebook or comment with your email.

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