Relaxing into vision

I often think that people are looking for a quick fix for everything in life. I have had more response to that gadget that can be purchased for vision therapy (and the manual on how to use it) than anything else I have shared on my blog. However, the gadget did not improve my vision, and there was not a quick fix involved. With that in mind, here’s the latest experience that is proving helpful.

I am not sure how I came upon it, but a few months ago I was introduced to the concept of Face Yoga. Yes, it sounds unusual, and most people would assume after looking at it that I was attracted to it because it promises to help with wrinkles. I won’t lie, that was definitely a motivation. But, the nice thing about life is that it’s full of happy accidents. I found that another great benefit of face yoga is that it has given me a much greater awareness of the fact that I hold a lot of stress and tension in my face, and I can feel it in my eyes.

Face Yoga was created by Fumiko Takatsu and you can see all the details on her website at Her mantra is “Change your face, change your life,” which I love! I chose to buy the six-week face toning bootcamp and started the program full of excitement. I can’t say I have been spectacularly devoted, because life happens and then busy season hit at work. I have been required to work a lot of extra hours and it has been difficult to stay committed to doing it morning and night consistently. But I have found that when I do, I feel better, I sleep better and I am more relaxed overall.

I was a couple of weeks into the bootcamp before I heard the benefit that sparked sharing the experience here. Fumiko mentioned in passing that people have found that doing face yoga has been shown to improve vision. It made total sense to me because my research into natural vision improvement points to relaxation as a key component in vision improvement. I am planning to go back to that part of the course now that I am almost done with the six weeks, and make special note of the exercises that focus on the eyes, making that part of my daily routine in addition to the regular daily exercises she outlines. The videos in the bootcamp take about 15 minutes twice a day. It sounds like a small commitment but it’s amazing how often I pass it by. I’m sharing here with the hope that some of you may find it helpful and we can keep each other motivated! Happy vision improvement!

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