My strabismus showed up when I was just shy of three years old. I woke up from my nap and my mother was alarmed that I suddenly had an eye turn. She took me to the ophthalmologist right away and I was prescribed glasses with bifocals. That seemed to control the eye turn and I did ok. My eye turn would surface more often when I was tired, but I was able to learn to read and do most things, as long as they didn’t involve spacial awareness. I was rather clumsy and struggled with sports, especially anything involving a ball. But, I did well in school, graduated from college, married, obtained a graduate degree in music, had six children (two while I was in graduate school) and taught piano and early childhood music for many years. When I hit my forties, presbyopia set in and I became more and more aware of my eye turn. It became constant instead of intermittent. I looked into natural vision improvement techniques, purchasing books and manuals and attempting the programs. Following almost eighteen months of study and home vision therapy, I came to the conclusion that vision therapy with a specialist was the next step for me. On this blog, I share my journey from monovision to stereovision. It was not a short journey and took unexpected turns. There are gaps in my writing that correspond with my discouragement as well as my non-acceptance when things didn’t go the way I expected. I ended up having surgery, which was not part of my initial plan and then more vision therapy. I now have stereopsis! I can see in 3D, but I still have to remind my eyes they can do that because that was not how I have seen most of my life. My goal is to share the ups and downs and also to educate and increase awareness about the types of vision issues that can be resolved through vision therapy (and sometimes surgery) and provide support and resources to others on a similar path.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I just listened to episode 2 on your podcast. Thank you Thank you! I love to hear from people that understand my world. I am 53, I have had 3 surgeries and am finally practicing Vision Therapy. I, too, am hoping to achieve 3D vision…. I have not lost hope. I would love to connect with you and even participate on your podcast.

    1. Hi Caryn, I didn’t know if you got my response. I was hoping to connect with you and I’m so glad you have not lost hope. Please keep me updated and let me know when you would like to share your story on my podcast.

  2. Hi, I did not get your response. I would love to share my story. I am so interested in sharing and learning about others!

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