What about SYNTONICS?

Last week my doctor told me that he would like to try something new, which he considered to be a little on the fringe and wondered how I felt about it. At this point I am open to just about anything, so I was anxious to learn more. He told me that there is a therapy called SYNTONICS, where you look at different frequencies (colors) of light, and it has been shown to cure strabismus. The patient looks into a programmed light box at specified colors (light frequencies) for a certain amount of time. I’m not sure of all the protocols at this point. (Sounds pretty easy, kind of like looking at the brass serpent and being healed in Bible times!) The box is expensive, because of the number of filters needed to produce the various colors.

It feels like a last ditch effort because it’s new to him, but it’s actually not a new therapy. I did a little checking onine and according to the website for the College of Syntonic Optometry, syntonic phototherapy is the “application of specific frequencies of light through the eyes to rebalance the body’s regulatory centers, thereby correcting visual dysfunctions at their source.”  It has been used for over 70 years for this purpose. The website continues: “Syntonics can be used as the primary treatment or to support other therapies to aid in the remediation of strabismus, amblyopia, accommodative/convergence problems, asthenopia, ametropia, visual attention deficit, vision-related learning and behavior problems, and visual field constrictions associated with visual stress, brain injury, degenerative ocular disorders, and emotional trauma.”

An article in brainworldmagazine.com from September 24, 2012 calls Syntonics “colored light therapy for balance” and indicates that it is now also being used as a treatment for SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The light therapy has also been shown to help with eyestrain, headaches, pain, inflammation and overall stress levels as it balances the body. The article indicates that 50 percent of the entire volume of blood in the human body passes through the eyes in only 40 minutes, which makes the eyes a portal to producing beneficial results throughout the body.

I am anxious to see how this might be an aid in overcoming my strabismus. I am also wondering how it might help my friend who suffers from migranes and depression. It feels like there could be rather broad application for this type of therapy.

*UPDATE: When we tried this therapy much later, it did not prove effective for me. I was also the first person my doctor tried it on, even though the recommendation was definitely not to use it on your most difficult patient. So it may be an excellent option for others.