Healing My Sight

My journey to stereovision began in 2009…

I’m Denise and I began my quest for 3D vision in earnest in November 2011, at the same time I started this blog. See the “about” page for my story synopsis. My intention is to provide insight and encouragement to others on a similar journey. Please comment, ask questions, subscribe and share!

Relaxing into vision

I often think that people are looking for a quick fix for everything in life. I have had more response to that gadget that can be purchased for vision therapy (and the manual on how to use it) than anything else I have shared on my blog. However, the gadget did not improve my vision, … Continue reading “Relaxing into vision”

3D Movies as Vision Therapy

Some time ago, I came across an article from the BBC about a man named Bruce Bridgeman who went to see the movie “Hugo” in 3D. It was February 2012 and he thought it would be a waste of money because he was essentially stereoblind (unable to see in 3D, ie not able to perceive … Continue reading “3D Movies as Vision Therapy”

Vision Therapy in isolation

We’ve all been shut down and isolated for several weeks at least. I don’t know about you, but it’s taking a toll on everyone at my house. By now vision therapy patients have had plenty of time to miss their therapy sessions and wonder what to do on their own. I hope you’ve found some … Continue reading “Vision Therapy in isolation”

The Magic of Stereo Vision

What does seeing in 3D really mean to someone who has been stereo-blind for 54 years? *I’m driving home from enjoying a 3D movie with my daughter, who now sees in 3D too. It’s snowing and the flakes are coming straight at the windshield. I’m a little scared actually because I’ve never seen that before … Continue reading “The Magic of Stereo Vision”


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